CSSI Summer School

CSSI Summer School on June 19-21 is now accepting registration! The school will be held at Extellent Professional Development Centers. To register, log in to our website and click on Class Registration. You can also click on our Calendar tab, select a specific date and register there.  You are also welcome to register by phone. We will be teaching Payroll, Job Cost, and other classes. These classes are great for everyone, whether you’re new and just learning our software or seasoned user who wants to re-familiarize yourself with the software. Class sizes are limited so register early!

Thank you

Thank you everyone for coming to our 40th Anniversary Celebration! Shout out to Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce and T-Werx for your support and making out event a success! We appreciate your business and we look forward to better serve your company’s accounting needs in the next 40 years. 


News Articles

What Conractors Need to Know About OSHA's New Silica Rule

After a few legal fits and starts, as well as extra time for review and input, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s new silica standard for construction is scheduled to go into effect on Sept. 23. What that means is contractors who engage in activities that create silica dust — that is, respirable crystalline silica — such as by cutting, grinding or blasting materials like concrete, stone and brick, must meet a stricter standard for how much of that dust workers inhale. Click here to read more 


How Construction Business Can Prevent Profit Fade

Expedited building better plan

Profit fade occurs when a business’s profit is less than what was expected. It is a phenomenon that can be found in a wide range of business sectors, but tends to occur frequently among construction companies. Profit fades are common among construction companies because of the dynamic nature of the industry, with projects that are extremely time consuming and complex. Often times, a company’s initial calculation and revenue predictions will not match at the end of a project, thus experiencing profit fade. Often times the root of profit fade lies in external factors, like the increasing price of materials that may hinder a current project. Other common causes of profit fade for construction businesses range from bad estimates, unbillable changes and poor subcontractor performance. Often times, unpredictable weather conditions have been known to cause profit fade for companies that are unprepared without contingency plans in place. Throughout the entire construction process, profits and costs must be monitored regularly. To best curtail profit fade, general contractors, project managers and accountants must work collaboratively with a common goal in mind, and adapt to whatever issues may arise.