Job Cost

The Job Cost Module makes keeping track of your jobs simply and easily with everything at your fingertips.

The Job Cost module allows companies to manage and organize their jobs. They can track the progress of a job and its billings to be sure they are not falling behind. The module interacts with all the costing modules to be sure both direct and indirect costs are taken into account when determining the profitability of the jobs.

  • Maintain records for each job in progress including billings, original estimated cost, adjusted estimated cost, revised estimated cost, original estimated units, adjusted estimated units, revised estimated units, actual cost to date, actual units in place, actual man hours, and field reported % complete for each cost code in the job.
  • Provide detailed job cost reports for use by field personnel; summary, and exception-type reports for use by management.
  • Accumulate monthly, year-to-date, and job-to-date balances for each cost code per job.
  • Provide cost and recognized revenue information on all jobs in progress to be included on monthly financial reports.
  • Provide on-line access to up-to-date job information for any job.
  • Worker's Comp code by Labor Cost Center.
  • Keep a detailed list of transactions for a job until the job is closed.
  • Print percent complete report, calculating and posting to the General Ledger, billings in excess of cost, and cost in excess of billings on a monthly basis.
  • Print a bond status report providing contractor data sheet and surety analysis.
  • Provide tracking of all change orders.