Human Resources

Simple employee and benefits tracking at your fingertips

Our Human Resources module will give the company flexibility and understanding of the status of their employees and benefits.

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Purchase Orders

Keep track of your POs be sure you're not running over what you have allocated and make sure invoices post to your job cost, equipment, and / or general ledger.

Reports from the module will keep you updated on the status of all your current POs while allowing you to reference old ones.  CAPS allows for bulk purchase orders or line item purchase orders depending on your company's processes.  The line item purchase orders will tie directly into the Inventory module to keep your inventory counts up to date as well as your inventory costs.

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Provides for a paperless accounting system as well as the imaging of any document whether current or archived.

With CSSI's imaging processes you will be able to eliminate the need for offsite storage, reduce operational cost, as well as improving efficiency, and productivity.  

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Powerful tool to automate payroll, track both labor and indirect costs on jobs, and then generate all the reports necessary for compliance with federal, state, and local agencies

Our Payroll module provides a great deal of flexibility and automation.  It allows you to set up parameters such as pay rates, deductions, and prevailing wages so everyone gets paid correctly without you having to keep track on your own.  It generate files which can be submitted on the web for direct deposit, compliance, or tax purposes.  

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