Accounts Receivable

Keep track of billings and payments and automatically post to the Job Cost and General Ledger modules

Track all monetary deposits and customer invoicing through any of several billing methodologies.  All invoices will automatically flow into the Job Cost module and all you have to do is  enter invoices and assign payments to those invoices.  CAPS will make sure the money shows up on jobs and the balance sheet.

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Accounts Payable

Easy Reporting to Ensure Timely Payments to Vendors

CSSI's Accounts Payable Module allows you to maximize efficiency while giving full flexibility. The module allows for simple and timely reviews through reports such as the Aging and Cash requirements.  

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General Ledger

We've worked with CPAs and construction companies for almost 40 years to make sure you have the reports you need when you need them

Your company will be able to analyze its financial situation quickly and clearly with the reports available out of the box in CAPS. We offer comparative financial reports showing current year results versus previous year or budget amounts.  The General Ledger is directly tied to almost all the other CAPS modules so you don't miss a posting.

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Stay on top of asset depreciation and automatically make proper entries to the General Ledger and Equipment modules

Tracking depreciation is critical in a company with many physical assets.  Our application will take care of the bookkeeping behind it so you can focus on your business without letting this important task fall to wayside.

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