Provides for a paperless accounting system as well as the imaging of any document whether current or archived.

With CSSI's imaging processes you will be able to eliminate the need for offsite storage, reduce operational cost, as well as improving efficiency, and productivity.  

Our imaging processes keeps your HR, service call, and accounting information all in one place.  It removes the need to purge your documents to make room  for new ones.  CSSI reports are atomatically imaged and retrievable by simple keys. Allu other documents are imaged under user defined categories and keys, such as insurance, bids, contracts, and any others you would keep in file cabinets and storage rooms. Documents are now secured, but easily accessible. Documents such as invoices and purchase orders can be easily indexed using the barcode reader feature.  This feature allows you to easily locate any document you would need to run your business. 


  CSSI is a third party reseller of