Human Resources

Simple employee and benefits tracking at your fingertips

Our Human Resources module will give the company flexibility and understanding of the status of their employees and benefits.

The module can track promotions (or any other event) can also be done through the HR system.  CSSI tracks employee ‘Transactions’ which can be tests or events or just information.  They can be recurring or a single entry.  Events can contain scheduled dates, results / comments pertaining to the events, frequency of the re-occurrence of the event, by any time frame. They are individually retained in the system for archival queries. Some of the more common used types of events tracked are: Safety training classes, Drug testing, license renewal equipment qualification, insurance, license, birthdays, hire dates, fired dates, re-hire dates, employee work qualifications, etc.  A listing can be provided showing which events are coming up for individual employees during the indicated time frame. Each employee record in the HR system can be retained even if the employee is no longer in the accounting payroll system. This is important if you need to hire, or re-hire, an employee with certain qualifications.  It also allows for the capture of non-employees, people who have turned in a resume. When a particular position arises, the HR system can be queried for employees, and non-employees with a particular qualification.