Powerful tool to automate payroll, track both labor and indirect costs on jobs, and then generate all the reports necessary for compliance with federal, state, and local agencies

Our Payroll module provides a great deal of flexibility and automation.  It allows you to set up parameters such as pay rates, deductions, and prevailing wages so everyone gets paid correctly without you having to keep track on your own.  It generate files which can be submitted on the web for direct deposit, compliance, or tax purposes.  

Best of all, it's a fully integrated module in the system--no need to export data to a third-party provider and import data back in after the payroll run.

One of the key features about this module is it allows CSSI to automatically distribute direct labor costs and indirect costs to jobs, equipment, or the general ledger based on time card input.  If voiding a check or writing a manual check, the costs will automatically reflect the operation.  If a job or a union requires a certain minimum pay rate for specific occupations, our module will automatically determine the rate for given hours on a time card.  Using this module, you can set up regular or pre-tax employee deductions, which can be optionally capped, so that they will be automatically calculated for each paycheck.  It will also automatically calculate the actual employer-paid expenses such as workman's compensation, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, or fringe benefits, and automatically posts those costs to jobs, equipment, or the general ledger.  It will be sure to handle state and local income tax calculations even for multiple states and localities on a single paycheck.

You can set up multiple payroll runs simultaneously without having to print checks in between each run.  You can set up employees to be paid at virtually any interval from daily up to annually and then choose which sets of employees will be paid on this run.  Specific deductions can be switched on or off for each run and withholding amounts can be altered based on the type of check you're writing (i.e. bonus checks, repayment, etc) to be sure it can handle any eventuality of real life.  On top of all that, you can set up multiple accounts to write checks from on a single payroll run.  The system can print an entire check on completely blank check stock including the MICR line, it can print on pre-printed checks, or it can generate a NACHA compliant file for direct deposit submission.  When printing checks, it can auto-sign the checks under a given amount or it can sign all the checks or none of the checks; it's completely up to you.

After the payroll is complete, you'll get a report showing your EFTS obligations and you'll have the option of generating a certified payroll report, union reports, etc.  At the end of the year, you can print federal, state, and local W-2s or file those electronically; at the end of a quarter, it will compile the information for the 940 submissions.  It will automatically track health care costs for the W-2 as well as pension and 401k retirement deductions.  At any time, you can report on the payroll history, on hours, rates of pay, deductions, or virtually any other aspect of payroll.