This module is a powerful tool that increases company efficiency. Its easy to use features; allow your company to track all monetary withdrawals and keeps everything easy to read, process, and understand. Its direct deposit, positive payroll, check writing features are a few of the many processes this module does at the click of a button.

Job Costing

The Job Cost module allows companies to manage and organize their jobs. They can track the progress of a job and its billings to be sure they are not falling behind. The module interacts with all the costing modules to be sure both direct and indirect costs are taken into account when determining the profitability of the jobs.


Our accounting modules include Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Check Reconciliation. These modules form the core of CSSI's products. Your company will be able to keep track of its expenses in a simple to work with program. The many reports that come with the modules make both the employees and the company's accountant have all their data at their fingertips.  

Custom Programming

We offer customization solutions for any size business and our customer driven detail package allows you to use only what you need. We are happy to provide additional features and niche reports that work for your company.

Service Call Management System

Dispatching and Service Call Management System is designed to simplify management of service calls, personnel, equipment, invoicing, call history and warranty with emphasis on ease of use and speed of access. It also provides historical information for warranty tracking, customer service, marketing, and sales.

Human Resources

Provides the user with a flexible means to track, by employee, various events. Each event is customized to the specific company's needs and is defined by a code and description.  It easily allows for furloughing employees, recording their insurance requirements. It allows the company to create a technical skills pool capturing information for both employees and non-employees who have turned in a resume. When a particular position arises, the HR system can be queried for employees, and non-employees with a particular qualification.