Service Call Management System

Tracks warranties and other onsite items with a simple and easy to use module.

Designed to streamline your business, CSSI’s CAPS Service Call Management software simplifies management of service calls, personnel, equipment, invoicing, and call history.

Experiencing trouble with service calls can and will be costly for your construction business.  Have the power at your fingertips ready to view historical information for warranty tracking, customer service calls, marketing and sales calls.  The Service Call Management module gives you the ability to receive incoming calls by location, customer name, or warranty number and schedule your personnel and equipment without double booking.   

With CSSI’s CAPS SCM (Service Call Module) you can schedule calls for future dispatch and/or the flexibility to suspend a call until further notice saving time, fuel, and money. Easily scan and update status of all current calls at each stage of activity. Record your contacts, activities, and notes into a call history file with unlimited text input giving you complete control of your client experience.