CSSI at a Glance

In 1978, Dennis Read and Alex Drabant decided to leave NCR and create one of the most comprehensive accounting software package in the construction business. The primary objective of the company was to cater to the construction industry; consequently, their Cost Accounting Processing System was developed.  In 1980, the Texas based company began to expand and sell its software package nationally. As the company expanded, so has its software and the industries they service.  In 2006, CSSI added paperless imaging capacity that allows a business to review accounting reports, contractors, invoices, etc., without the added cost of printing.

Over the past 38 years, CSSI's software package has expanded from the basic General Ledger, Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable to a multi-tiered program that includes almost all facets of a business. CSSI continues to keep focus on their customers' business needs by offering the best custom accounting software and services in the industry.


  • Proven System: Our package has been installed in over 400 companies and is meeting or exceeding our users expectations
  • Total System: We provide a complete Cost Accounting Process which offers solutions for all aspects of construction accounting, and applications to which you can easily convert your data. Over the years, this system has been accepted and praised by the most critical CPAs.
  • Growth: CSSI has in place migration, which means as you grow, it is not necessary to retrain personnel or convert data resulting in lost time and revenue, nor would there be any loss of prior software investment.
  • Ease of Operation: CSSI gives you the necessary operations with intuitive screen prompts and descriptions you understand in order to perform the functions you want.
  • Imaging: Our imaging capabilities provide a paperless accounting system as well as the imaging of any document whether current or archived.  It allows reviewing of invoices, contracts, correspondence, etc. as well as all CSSI generated reports. This application also allows for easy retrieval using simple descriptions and dates, whether current or prior years. Retrieved documents are displayed on screen and may be printed if needed. CSSI reports are automatically imaged, and retrieved by simple keys. All other documents are imaged to be retrieved by user defined categories and keys. A CSSI representative will work closely with your staff to design the categories and keys to create a storage filing system that is tailored to each department's needs.